Cosmetics can do wonders for our skin.

But it is very hard to find the right ones.

It's time to solve the problem.

Using only the right skincare products will boost your natural beauty.



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Take a picture of just a part of your unique face. Aseiko will quickly classify your current skin condition.

aseiko matches your skin type with the s

Share your concerns and get a list of your personally recommended clean skincare products. Shop clean skin care globally.

aseiko helps you to find the best skinca

Enjoy ingredient transparency with a warning system, real user experiences and much more.

aseiko skin app for all age groups and e

Scroll through our faces and tap to read the details about Aseiko and how to use her services in order to get the most out of her artificial power and individual support for you.



  • easily enhance your natural beauty 

  • offer a variety of exclusively clean products

  • support your healthy skin

       from within

  • build a strong international community

  • create a social marketplace for skincare products

  • guarantee ingredient-transparency




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ASEIKO = I最高 [I saikō, Japanese = Supreme]

The founder of Aseiko believes that there are moments in life when it is time to move into new spaces. She is convinced, that the technology of AI will enrich our lives positively. As a passionate consumer of skincare products herself, Aseiko’s founder is absolutely sure that the greatest beauty triumph is, first and foremost, very natural and healthy skin. 

What does she still miss the most when it comes to finding the right skincare products? – (1) The freedom of choice to buy products from all over the world, (2) the lack of orientation in a 'confusing over-supplied skin care market', (3) the easy understanding regarding the influence of cosmetic ingredients, and (4) the very honest product recommendations of real users.

This is what Aseiko stands for. She (we have decided that Aseiko is she/her) analyses and gives insights into what skincare products are made of and matches this valuable information with the personal needs of the users.

Aseiko helps both: the customers to find and buy exactly the products they need, and the brands to offer products and sell them to a precisely targeted group of customers. She enables users to select and order quickly their recommended skincare products - max. 3-5 min, through a global marketplace, based on strong personalization and extensive data with primarily certified, nontoxic & clean products.

A small team of dedicated developers and advisors are working to develop Aseiko as a smart, supportive, and entertaining mobile solution for clean skin care.


We want to enable our users to primarily explore certified clean skincare products from all over the world. Such as those made by already known companies but also numerous, new products, created by small independent brands.

For this purpose, we have trained Aseiko to recognize the current condition of the skin. We fed her with a large amount of data in regard to good and bad cosmetic ingredients for particular skin concerns, organic cosmetic characteristics, user rankings, and more.

We want to enable our users to avoid disappointing experiences such as paying too much for non-viable skincare products. We believe, if we all start to use only products which are necessary and tailored to our personal requirements, general consumption will decrease and over the long term, less product waste will occur.

We decided also to give the community the option to get advice from an experienced ‘human‘ holistic specialist. In the section Food-For-Skin our 'human lady' will be glad to share tips and recipes on how to nourish and keep your skin healthy; additionally offering solutions to help address even serious skin issues with a simple change of diet.


Aseiko is for those who make a difference. It is an AI-based solution for all 'out of the box' thinkers, who wish to experience something new - regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. 

The idea behind Aseiko is to use technological development in order to simplify daily decisions and routines related to our skincare regime. Aseiko will easily help you to find out what your current skin condition is and will automatically recommend the best suitable products and ingredients for your personal needs. 

We deliberately avoid asking you to upload your selfie, but only to deliver a high-resolution picture of a part of your face: no selfies, no facial recognition, no private data issues.

Aseiko will treat you as a friend. She is linked to supportive algorithms and as soon as your skin condition and concerns have been analyzed you will receive your personal list of recommended cosmetic products. This will help you orientate yourself better in a congested skin care product market and become more confident in purchasing your skin care products. Over time, you will continue to learn from Aseiko and start to buy primarily the products you really need.

You can order a particular product on Aseiko's global marketplace or you can just use her advice to inform yourself regarding your daily skin care. You can share your experiences on different skincare products or get in touch with other Aseiko-users or with the brands of interest from all over the world.


for Android & iOS

  • You can join ASEIKO for free.
  • You can take her as a personal shopping assistant with you.
  • You can find easily the skincare products that work best for you.
  • You can use the newest technology to enjoy an optimal product match & ingredient transparency. 
  • You can use ASEIKO's Messenger to stay in touch with your friends and your favorite brands (partly under construction).
  • You can help us build a global community.
  • You can simply use ASEIKO and have fun!

The demo version for Android is open for testing. All you need is an @gmail account. 🤳
Send us a message with "Test Aseiko" and be among the first to test. 

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