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Online Nutritional Consultations

for all ages, genders and ethnicities

Use our advisory-sessions to solve a particular skin concern and/or to enhance your natural glow.

Find the advice-package, which you think will best serve your individual needs:



use this opportunity to tell us your concerns, to ask short questions or to find out how we can help you to solve a particular skincare problem

10 min




schedule the free call earlier in order to explain your problem and decide together with our advisor which session will work best for solving your concerns 

30 min

IN TOTAL: 40 min 



1. How to solve your skin concerns through changing your diet
2. How to achieve beautiful skin and overall well-being (holistic approach)

* free recipes included in all sessions

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Book Your Session With Nidhi 

Over two decades ago she was given the name Nidhideva (Deva Nidhi) by her spiritual teacher in India. Nidhi has been practicing as a holistic coach and therapist for over 25 years; studying, travelling and living in many countries across the world - India, Greece, Egypt, France, US, UK, Switzerland and Germany. She has learned from many extraordinary teachers, including an American Indian shaman. 
With many years of experience and work in the field of natural therapies, she created her own Holistic Energy centre for health, beauty and well-being on the island of Mykonos. She currently practises from her island base of Tinos in Greece and internationally online. 

Over the years many celebrities and known personalities have benefited from her guidance. 
Nidhi will be glad to share her experiences with you and teach you how to find the balance required to achieve glowing, healthy skin and overall wellbeing. 
Take her advice on how to solve a particular skin concern by changing your diet and learn how to create and nourish beautiful skin from within. Use our contact form below.


I have known Nidhideva Church as a holistic therapist for many years. She is experienced in engaging clients in actively addressing lifestyle choices, nutrition, physical movement and emotional and mental wellbeing.
Along with other modalities, her substantial knowledge on nutrition shifted my understanding on how foods impact each of us differently; nourish us to support physical and mental vitality; can be combined to build body resilience, easing stresses and tensions and can measurably improve skin health and appearance.

Kevin Wren, Australia

I have known Nidhi since 1996 not only as a body and facial therapist but also as someone who was and is always willing to help holistically. She offers a complete service that includes advice on nutrition and well-being and the results on my face and body last for a long time. Everything is always done in a friendly and polite way which is also so professional.

Fotini Kalatzi, Greece

The best facial treatment I ever had! Nidhi has expert knowledge of the holistic approach to beautiful skin through diet, emotional wellbeing and the correct usage of organic products suited to my skin.

Maria Venezelou, Greece

Nidhi is the best therapist that I know!
She has excellent knowledge about nutrition and skin care issues and she always treats each person according to their needs. 
I would definitely recommend her! 

Agnes Vidali, Greece

I have always followed holistic modalities regarding my skincare regime. As I fully appreciate Nidhi’s approach to achieving and maintaining beautiful skin through optimal nutrition and physical and emotional wellbeing, I would definitely recommend her services to everyone! 

Christiane Buschmann, Germany

As a holistic therapist myself, my experience as a client with Nidhi is absolutely positive.
I know Nidhi for 30 years and I see her always taking care of her clients with deep knowledge and love.
All the treatments that she offers to people regarding skincare, nutrition and therapy from different levels and approaches, are done with unique care and respect.
Nidhi continuously updates, studies and experiences new methods and techniques to bring greatest effectiveness to her work. She is a very well experienced multi-therapist who understands the client's issues on all levels and therefore is able to give the necessary solution for each person.
Offering and combining different techniques at the same time, her sessions have great impact and the most beneficial results for each individual.

Michael Karouanos, Greece 


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